Pre-Wedding Photo & Video Service in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Willidea is one of Brisbane’s most highly coveted photography and videography studios. Our experienced team of photographers ooze creativity, and bring fresh ideas to every shoot. We staunchly believe in maintaining the highest quality of service, which is why we continuously educate ourselves on new techniques and market trends. Our photographers are experts in capturing moments, and compiling these moments into a wedding album that perfectly portrays your unique wedding day.

As Brisbane’s best wedding photographers, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver natural, candid, and fresh wedding photos and videos. The thing that makes our photos and videos different from others’ is the “natural factor”. The candid photographs that we capture show not only how your wedding looks, but also how it feels to be there. Our photos take you back to the wedding day every time you see them, in a way that superficial staged images could never hope to do.

Apart from our creativity and innovative ideas, we also pay close attention to developments in technology and techniques. Our Brisbane, Gold Coast Wedding Photographer are equipped with multiple cameras to make sure that they are always ready to capture a candid moment. If you are looking for great service, innovative ideas, and a wedding album that tells a story, Willidea is the right studio for you.

布里斯班婚纱摄影 – 黄金海岸婚纱照

( Willidea Studio ) 创建于2011年,是一家位于布里斯班、黄金海岸的摄影摄像工作室,提供婚纱摄影、婚纱照、婚礼跟拍、婚礼摄影、婚礼录像等服务。 多年来,我们已经服务过几百场婚礼,为上千对新人提供了摄影摄像服务。摄影团队曾多次荣获国际婚礼婚纱摄影奖项。工作室现拥有2600平米摄影基地、200平米室内工作区域,其中包括会客室、独立化妆间、更衣间以及超过百平米的婚纱展示厅,拥有150+套婚纱礼服和50+套西服可供选择。我们致力于通过不断努力,让我们的客户以亲民的价格享受到高质量、高水准的摄影摄像服务。


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( Will Yang & Simon Guo ) are our pre-wedding photographers, both of them have more than 10 Years experience to do the Pre-wedding photography.
They got over 20 internationl photo awards since 2016. They also pay close attention to developments in technology and techniques with their creativity and innovative ideas.
They believe Hard working and right attitude can achieve better career goal.

Our Make up Team consist of two professional Make up Lady, they are Leah and Aimee. Both of them have more than 5 years experience providing make up and hair style service.

- More Than 20 Photo and Video Awards Internationally -

WPE - Photo Awards 2019 x 10
Asiappa - Photo Awards 2019 x 6
Profiy International Award Winner 2016
Profiy International Award x 3
Profiy International Award x 2
WPPI 1st 1/2 year Awards - Bride or Groom Alone: Wedding Day - 1 Silver Award
WPPI 2nd 1/2 year Awards - Wedding Couple Together: Wedding day -1 Silver Awards  
International Loupe Awards - 1 Award