Weddings are a celebration of life-long love – Same Sex Weddings

Weddings are a celebration of life-long love. They signify a couple’s decision to dedicate their lives to one another. Two lives become one.

It has been one year since Australia took the plebiscite vote. We have collectively agreed that love is, indeed, love, and that weddings and marriage should not be reserved for just one narrow type of love. Until last year, marriage was a right that was stripped from countless couples. But now Australia has spoken. The people of Australia used their vote to say that love should always be celebrated. It should never be subject to segregation, defamation, or discrimination—because love doesn’t discriminate.

Marriage is a way to bind two lovers, and in doing so, it prevents them from ever having to go through pain and hardship alone. Saying “I do” is, in a way, saying “We’re a team.” In a same-sex marriage, these words have another layer of meaning to them because of the history of discrimination that still remains in some people’s minds. In same-sex weddings, the words “I do” also mean, “I’m yours and I’m proud.”

Australia’s decision has opened up a whole new dimension of weddings, and as wedding photographers and videographers, we are looking forward to capturing countless beautiful, meaningful moments between people of all genders.

Since this momentous decision, wedding venues around Australia have been speaking up and making it known that they are in full support of same-sex weddings.  You can be sure that the wedding venue, vendors, and coordinators are all on your team, making sure your special day is everything you’ve dreamed of.

When it comes to the moment you get to hold your significant other and say, “I do”, our photographers will be right there with you, capturing it all and bundling it up into an album you will cherish for the rest of your lives together—because we deal in the business of love, and we believe that love is a right that should be afforded to all people. We want your wedding day to be a day that is imprinted on your minds for life.